New reticle illumination diode + dryer container for 1PN34 NSPU, 1PN58 NSPUM soviet night vision scope

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Price: $124
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New reticle illumination diode and dryer container from spare parts set of soviet (russian) night scopes 1pn34 (NSPU) and 1pn58 (NSPUM).
Condition is new, from warehouse storage. Checked working condition.
Both of these spare parts can be changed independently in the battlefield and do not require special knowledge and tools.


Reticle illumination diode will fix the problem with the complete disappearance of the reticle of the night scope.
The reticle disappears when the diode burns out, when it stops illuminating the reticle.
In this case, you will see an image of the terrain in the scope, but you will not see the reticle at all.

From the troubleshooting table:
If the reticle is not visible in the sight of the scope, the reticle illumination lamp may have burned out or the contacts have oxidized.
In this case, you need to clean the lamp contacts or replace the reticle illumination lamp.

To replace the reticle diode, unscrew the new diode from the plastic container, unscrew the old diode from the scope and screw in a new diode in its place.
Attention - this diode does not solve the problem of the crumbled reticle (when the reticle is visible in parts, but in parts it is not visible, this is the problem of the destruction of the reticle from age and to solve such a problem it is necessary to replace the reticle itself).


A spare dryer container is suitable for the 1PN34 NSPU, 1PN58 NSPUM, and 1PN51 NSPU-3 scope also and serves to absorb moisture inside the scope.

From the troubleshooting table:
If there are flashes in the field of view of the scope, it means that moist air has entered the scope.
In this case it is necessary to purge the scope with dry air and replace the dryer.

To replace the dryer  container, unscrew the new container from the plastic container, unscrew the old dryer with the special wrench included in the scope kit and screw the new container in its place.






Price: $124
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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