WW2 soviet binoculars B6x30

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Price: $310
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officer binoculars since the Second World War (this instance 1944 issue) in super condition, though now in a fight with storage!
released in 1944
1 pair of binoculars.
2 carry case
3 strap around the neck
4 strap binoculars with a raincoat
5 2 yellow lenses
6 rubbing (rag)
7 passport (duplicate)

binoculars field
Manufacturer: USSR, Kazan plant
Release year: 1944
Condition: Good

Grade binoculars:
Case: yes (hard carry case "original" combination, nat.kozha + VINYL)
Neck strap is (nat.kozha)
Eyepiece cover: yes (raincoat, nat.kozha)
Lens Caps: none (not provided by the manufacturer)
Filters: yes (2 pcs.) Yellow (fog)

Grid: yes (Azimuth)
Location mesh: right monocular

AR coating: yes

Dimensions HxWxD mm: 116h155h50
Weight without case, kg: 0.74

Short description:
Classic field glasses with mesh and split focus. Rugged and reliable, has excellent optical characteristics. Binoculars in this series have been released by the Kazan in the 40 years of the twentieth century, later returned to the factory for scheduled inspection of technical condition, renovations, if this was necessary.

Magnification: 6
Lens Diameter, mm: 30
Exit pupil diameter - 5 mm
Resolution - 5 "
Field of view - 8 ° 30
Coefficient of light amplification: 25
Twilight (factor): 13.4

Is used to monitor and study purposes, measurement of horizontal and vertical angles and distances to objects with known dimensions using goniometric grid.
Focus: Individual

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Price: $310
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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