TIG-PSG-77 titanium helmet

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Helmet TIG-PSG-77 was fanufactured by Swiss company TIG. Was purchased in late 1970 and modernized in 2000-x.

Used by Soviet/Russian elite special forces KGB/FSB, visited many hot points and dangerous situations. From this helmet begins history of Soviet/Russian ALTYN helmet.

TIG served about 30 years in USSR/Russia

First helmet appears in the photographs from Afghanistan. The first documented use of a fact in combat - assault Amin's palace on December 27 1979. Was in service with special forces "Alpha" and "Vympel".

A small part of these helmets still is in service with the FSB !

This helmet is ready to fight, don't lose its properties, not damaged.  Do not miss to buy a collection of 100 % original ! DELIVERY anywhere in the world included in the cost !

Number on helmet and visor are same - 025, so, it's full set.


Weight 2.7 kg without a visor.
Weight 1.4 kg visor.
Helmet safety class 2.
Radio included.

Price: $sold
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