KORA-1MK-SN concealed carry armor vest (NEW).

Price $457

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Concealed carrying armor vest "KORA MK 1SN". 

It is used for conducting hidden operations by police and FSB units. The weight of the bulletproof vest is 4.5 kg, which is practically not felt with a perfect weight distribution of body armor on the human body. 2nd class of protection - (pistol and submachine gun caliber 9x18, 9x19, "TT" - 7.62x25, PSM, and other analogues).
Bulletproof vest selling with two covers - black and white.
Absolutely not noticeable under the T-shirt. Consists of kevlar layers and armor plates from the alloy of armored aluminum.

Set consist of
1. Kevlar plates packages
2. Black cover
3. White cover
4. Bag
5. Passport
6. Two armor plates

Condition - new

If you live in a dangerous area, or waiting for attack - then you just need to have such a thing!

It can be worn every day without embarrassing yourself in the movements and not noticing fatigue.
Size 52-56, adjustable by Velcro.



This item is in stock and ready to ship in 2 days

Price: $457
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