PU scope for Mosin sniper rifle, 1943 early SVT type, FULL SET

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Price: $439
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"PU" scope for Mosin sniper rifle. Full set, made in 1943, early type of body (SVT-40 type), was produced at the plant №NKV 297 in Yoshkar-Ola..

What is the rarity and uniqueness of this scope
1. NKV №297 Yoshkar-Ola plant produced PU scopes only in two military years in 1943-44.
2. NKV №297 plant produced 17% of all PU scopes (from produced by all 5 plants).
3. On the drum you can see the letters "СВ" - means Снайперская Винтовка (sniper rifle).
4. Clear lenses and scope net
5. All mechanics works fine
6. Scope is made in a rare early body type "SVT-40"

If we proceed from its number, it was manufactured in mid-1943. (See the table with descriptions of scopes - a green arrow shows a similar scope).
To present date scope preserved in its original and most importantly in the full working condition.

Full set:
1. Scope PU made at plant NKV №297 at city of Yoshkar-Ola. With original lenses.
2. Original bracket with 3 screws (on the bracket you can see the star (highlighted in blue) - this is Tula rare bracket)
3. Original base (Tula) with all the screws and pins included
4. Original leather caps (still packed in oil paper).

On the body of scope there is a micro dent (indicated by a yellow arrow) - does not affect the functionality.

100% original and great condition and functionality for almost 80 years.


Price: $439
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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