SSO GSG "Alfa" assault black suit used in FSB Alpha/Vympel ~2006-now

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Price: $289
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Tactical black suit "Alfa" used in Alpha/Vympel counter-terrorist team of russian FSB. Very good condition.
Made by SSO (SPOSN). Used from 2006 till current time in anti-terrorist operation in Norh Caucasus Region and other operations.

Size: 170-92-74 
*a little hole on front on right knee

Overalls antiterrorist assault GHA "Alpha" Overalls are designed for short-term operations in conditions of limited volume, when working with high-altitude equipment. The overalls allow you to move around unhindered in underground communications, destroyed by urban buildings, conveniently located in vehicles and armored vehicles. The overalls are usually worn over the main uniforms and outfits, but can be worn on clothes, like a light field suit. Convenience of movement in conditions of limited volume is ensured by the absence of protruding parts (volume pockets, laths, valves, shoulder straps) on the overalls, all pockets of the overalls are flat, overhead, fastened with a zipper, processed in a frame. The property, which requires immediate access, is located in four patch pockets. Two flat pockets without flaps are placed on the chest in the upper part of the shelves, for convenience of access pocket pockets are vertical, with a lightning framed, to the lock-a braid is attached to the cursor, for convenience of opening in gloves. Two flat pockets without flaps are placed on the sides on the hips and fastened to horizontal zippers, framed (frame processing provides protection of lightning from litter and clinging to protruding objects, but there is no need for an outwardly protruding valve), in these pockets, for example , you can place gloves, empty weapons stores. For quick access to the pockets of the basic outfit and equipment, the shelves and the front halves of the overalls trousers are fastened from top to bottom (from the collar to the bottom of the trousers) to two detachable zippers - the tractor, with four cursors. Such a fastener of overalls allows you to quickly put on and remove it, as well as cope with natural needs. Zippers zippers are also processed in a frame, to protect against clinging and mechanical damage. Access to the pockets of the trousers of the basic outfit is carried out through side slotted pockets without sacks fastened with a zipper - "tractor", framed. For tight fit to the figure (with high-altitude equipment), the bottom of the trousers, sleeves, at the waist, the overalls are tightened with braid with an elastic band. To quickly put on and take off the overalls, the bottom and sleeves are fastened with a zipper, framed. The overalls are reinforced with a second layer of fabric on the sleeves in the elbows area, and on the trousers in the knee area. The sleeves are made of "raglan", which makes it convenient to put on overalls for equipment, winter clothes, body armor.

Used by FSB Alpha and Vympel special forces during anti-terrorist operation and many others.

Was manufactured under government contract special and on terms of reference of FSB Special Service and was used in Special Puprose Center of FSB (Alpha and Vympel teams). 

This type was not offered in civil stores.

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team.




Price: $289
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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