NEW 1944 WWII German Luftwaffe leather pilot gloves (made in Sweden)

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New leather pilot gloves made in 1944 in Sweden for German Luftwaffe.

These gloves were taken out by the Red Army soldiers to the USSR in 1945 from the territory of Germany and were stored in USSR warehouses, often used for the needs of the state automobile inspection of USSR.
Perfect skin condition. Not used, there are clear stamps of the crown of Sweden. Gloves completely repeat the form of gloves produced by German manufacturers.

It confirms that self-declared "neutral" Sweden during World War II, in fact, supplied clothing and equipment to Nazi Germany and these gloves found in Germany in 1945 is direct proof.
Just the same gloves could be used by the pilots of Sweden in the following types of aircraft: Gloster Gladiator, P-35, Reggiane Re.2000 and Fiat CR.42bis Falco, which was on duty in Sweden at that time.


Price: $339
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