New 2004-2005 SSO panama / bonie hat in "spektr-SKVO" camo, size: 58

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New SSO panama / bonie hat size 58. "Spektr-SKVO" camo (for North-caucasus region). Made from rip-stop fabric in 2004-2005.
With with ventilation holes, closed mesh against insects and with a band for inserting grass and twigs masking with a bunch.

Used by FSB Alpha and Vympel elite special forces under command of Special Puprose Center of FSB in anti-terrorist operations in North-caucasus area.

ONLY ONE in stock with this camo (instead in "kukla" / "DPM" camo).

Was buyed at government contract to FSB Special Service and was used in Special Puprose Center of FSB. 

Rare item
Was not produced for sale in civil stores. 
Heavy army / special forces standarts.

Take chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this most elite special forces team in Russia.




Price: $49
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