1942 PU scope #A-23531 for Mosin sniper rifle (early "SVT" tube)

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Original "PU" scope for Mosin sniper rifle, made in 1942, full set, made at "357" Progress plant at Leningrad during Nazi siege of city.
Manufactured in an early type of body (this type of bodies was primary designed for SVT-40 rifles).
Made in 1942 for Mosin sniper rifle (you can see "СВ" mark on corrections drum, from word "Снайперкая Винтовка/Sniper rifle").
Number A-23531 
100% original! Was removed from recycled combat Mosin sniper rifle.
Was used in WWII. Good working condition for age of 76 years.

1. "PU" scope №A-23531 
2. Bracket №131938 (number of rifle, where scope was installed)
3. Base


Price: $399
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