1944 PU scope #A-104171 for Mosin sniper rifle (WWII original, no repair or maintenance after war)

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Original "PU" scope for Mosin sniper rifle, made in 1944, full set, made at "357" Progress plant at Leningrad during Nazi siege of city.

There are no "afterwar" repair or maintenance marks. It means that this scope is in original genuine condition since it was made in 1944.
The lenses was not changed to enlightened, this is lenses actually used for targeting nazi by soviet sniper.
The scope body was not stamped with factory repair mark.
Such scopes are very rare on market instead of scopes with afterwar factory maintenance and repair marks.
If you want WWII period authenticity without repair marks - this is good luck if you can buy this scope. We have only one scope in stock right now.

Number A-104171
100% original! Was removed from recycled combat Mosin sniper rifle.
Has a corrosion on body but in good working condition for age of 74 years.

1. "PU" scope №A-104171
2. Bracket №18931 ДВ666 (number of rifle, where scope was installed)
3. Base (made in Tula plant, rare) with original pins, screws and lock screws
4. Original leather caps


Price: $489
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