Rare 2010 AZIMUT-SS tactical vest back in "roze multicam" with 6 pouches (CSN FSB Alpha / Vympel)

Price $394 (1 class priority worldwide shipping included)

Price: $394
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Rare back part of tactical vest with buttpack, radio and 4 grenade pouches.
Made by Azimut-SS company.
Was used by CSN FSB in 2010.
Such vests was weared on armor vests and used before FORT vests was equipped with MOLLE SYSTEM.
Used for carrying pouches and equipment. You can see actually this vest at photos from 2010-12-29 operation is Dagestan (Novy Kyakhulay).

From warehouse storage. Actually this set is used by CSN of FSB in modern times. 

1. Back part of vest
2. 2x side straps
3. Buttpack
4. Radio pouch
5. 4x grenade pouches

Custom order, was manufactured specially for FSB, not offered on civil market. Often used with tactical belt and vest or attached to armor vests with MOLLE. You can't buy this set or parts in stores, this is one-time individual order for FSB. If you are a collector or reenactor of modern CSN FSB unit Alpha or Vympel - it is genuine original "musthave" set.
You will not be ashamed buying "replica" or "same looking items". Get original CSN tactical equipment.

Used by FSB Alpha and Vympel spetsnaz special forces from 2012 till current time in anti-terrorist operations and trainings.

Was made special for team Alpha and Vympel and differs from civil version of this product. 
Contact us if you want another set or separate pouches. 

Was manufactured under government contract special and on terms of reference of KGB. 

Genuine stuff.
Military contract.
Army standarts.
This type of amunition not offered at civil stores and was made special for TSSN (Alpha and Vympel teams).

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team.




Price: $394
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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