NEW LSHZ-2DT FSB special forces bulletproof helmet size 1 [OUT OF STOCK]

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Price: $963
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Modern russian bulletproof helmet. Used by center of special operations of FSB.
Lightweight Ballistic Helmet " LSHZ - 2DT " is designed for intermittent wearing head protection to Class 2 and Class 1 person ( GOST 50744-95 ) from the bullets of small arms.

Size 1 (55-57)

The product consists of a body ( with fasteners under the visor ) and the visor. Housing products consists of containment and podtuleynogo device. Podtuleynoe device consists of a damper cover and chin strap .
The protective body structure consists of discrete- fabric materials based on aramid . Protective structure is picked up from a combination of polycarbonate glasses .
Key Features
The helmet shell provides a level of protection of the head to class 2 and IEC 50744-95 Class 1 person .
Area Enclosure Slam at least 14.0 dm 2 , took - 5.1 dm 2 .
Weight helmet no more than 3.05 kg .

• the product ensures that the resistance to the weapons in the operating temperature range of -40 to +40 ° C when exposed to rain.
• during the shelling of the product level of head injury does not exceed the severity II in accordance with IEC 50744-95 .
• optical properties allow took the man's orientation in space when wearing the product.
• the product does not lose the protective properties after falling from a height of 1 meter onto a concrete base .

We have size 1 (55-57) and size 3 (59-62) helmets in stock.

You will get full set:
1. Helmet with visor 
2. Instruction manual 
3. Radio headset with case 
4. Case for a helmet, 3 pieces (white, green, black) 
5. Spare parts set 
6. Case for visor 
7. Bag 

Price: $963
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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