Frequently asked questions:

1. Is your goods legal/original/undamaged? Where do you get it?
We offer you only legal original undamaged equipment. We take it from special forces and military warehouses after rearmarment. We do not offer any damaged, malfunctioned and fake equipment.

2. What sizes of helmets do you offer?
We have a different sizes of equipment, mostly all of them. For example, usually there is a three sizes of helmets - size 1 (55-57 cm), size 2 (head size 57-59 cm) and size3 (59-61 cm). Just write to us and we find suitable size for you.

3. How much time will take shipping to me?
Fastest way is direct hand-to-hand transfer in Moscow. More longest ways is Russian Post. In our practice it takes from 10-20 days (to Europe) to 30-60 days (USA and Australia).

4. What is order of buying and shipment?
- Feel free to mail us at [email protected] with any order and questions about similar russian special forces and military equipment.
- If you like any goods from our online store, just order it or mail us to [email protected] your order.
- After that we will mail you photos of your goods and ask additional questions.
- You have to make payment and mail us your post address.
- In 2 days we make a shipping by Russian post and send you a tracking number and photos of your shipping
- In 14-45 days you'll get your shipping.
- If you'll send us a photos of you with our equipment for our website, we'll give you special prices for future.

5. Where can i track my shipping?
First, when we send shipping, it can be tracked at Russian Post website:
English version:
Russian version:
When your shipping arrives your country, you can track it with same tracking number at your national post operator website, for example:

6. Why do you have less price on the same product listed at this website and listed at Ebay?
Sales at Ebay takes additional Ebay Fee (5-10% of sale price). If you buy directly from our website, you will pay less.

Dear buyers, we look forward to long-term cooperation with you, so feel free to contact us with any additional questions!

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