Due to the restrictions imposed against Russia in 2022, russian sellers are not able to accept paypal and can not sell through ebay. Therefore, we have organized payments through cryptocurrency and reliable recognized top-level crypto platforms/exchanges. We recommend use blockchain.com (North America, Europe) or binance.com (Asia / Pacific) cryptocurrency exchanges. 
These are reliable and serious companies that will transfer cryptocurrency as safely as possible.

For ease of calculation, we accept USDT (Tether USDT), one USDT is always equal to one US dollar, so buyers simply transfer the amount of USDT equal to the purchase price in dollars.

Our USDT wallet address is 0xfeaabf0b927d14510607c58a959e76be44783326  

Here is manual for sending USDT from blockchain.com service:

  1. Register at crypto wallet https://www.blockchain.com
  2. Pass verification or (Know Your Client verification) if needed
  3. Buy Tether USDT tokens in an amount equivalent to the price of the ordered items in United States dollars (1 $ = 1 USDT) plus transfer fees (you can test needed amount to send and will see transfer fee in current time, it may be from 4 to 17 USDT), for example you need to send 329 usd and transfer fee is 8 USDT, you must buy 337 USDT tokens minimum.
  4. At blockchain.com you need to press TRADE->BUY shortcuts and select Tether. Take attention - big digits of ordered amount must be USDT tokens (which you must buy). Use UP/DOWN arrows at the left side to change $/USDT. You will see how much will it cost in US $ lower.
  5. If you are new user, money can be holded on 7-10 days, this is normal security check of cryptoservice. Just wait and send us a message, we will reserve your item and will not offer it to another buyers for 10 days.
  6. Send the required amount of USDT tokens to our wallet 0xfeaabf0b927d14510607c58a959e76be44783326 
    If needed: our wallet cryptocurrency is USDT (Tether) and wallet network is Ethereum (ERC20), sometimes you need to specify wallet network when making transfer.
  7. At blockchain.com you need to press SENT shortcut
  8. Money arrives within minutes. But just in case make screenshot or photo of confirmation screen (or email) and send it to [email protected] for faster payment recognition

We recommend blockchain.com because of successful work and low fees, but you may use any known and recommended cryptoservices like metamask, kraken. 

The general principle of paying by crypto is the same everywhere
- register
- buy cryptocurrency with a credit card
- send cryptocurrency to the seller at the address specified by him

The main point is to make sure that the purchased cryptocurrency (USDT) matches the address and type of the wallet network (ERC20) to which you send it.


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