NEW Crispi mountain tracking tactical boots, sz45EU / 29CM, used in CSN FSB 2006-2010 [SOLD]

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Price: $299
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NEW Crispi mountain tracking tactical boots, military model, leather, nubuck, GORE-TEX, old model. 
Actually this boots was officially supplied to FSB CSN unit in 2006-2010.
Reenactors, do not miss your chance.

Size 45 (29CM sole), can fit 43-44EU, check your sole size.
*Call us if you want other size.

Crispi tracking shoes are designed for operation in low temperatures. Winter, autumn, spring.
Universal working ATVs. Upper material: high-quality nubuck leather thickness (2.6-3mm), scratch resistant.
Lining: genuine leather !!!.
The model is old.

Now do with rags inside!

Membrane: "Gore-Tex."
Method of fastening the sole: injection molding. The bottom of the boot is completely rubberized.
Outsole: Rubbermac (Vibram analog) made from abrasion resistant nitrile rubber with an integrated metal glide preventing device.
The device is activated by a simple turn. It is fixed by a proprietary spring mechanism. Very comfortable and functional! Allows you to maximize the functionality in the mountains and on the ice (like the tricones on the models of the last century) and also use shoes in the city and on the plain.
There are practically no analogs !!!. The height of the tines is 22 cm. Manufacture Italy.
These are fine shoes for hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, trekking, tracking, etc.
Reliable, strong, waterproof, maximally protecting the leg and giving unique comfort in different weather conditions.
Ideal for tough operation on rough terrain and in the mountains.
Double stitching of seams.
Made in Italy with the use of manual labor. Made in Italy.


On sale boots original little used by FSB Special Purpose Center (Team Alpha and team Vympel), good condition.

This boots was buyed at government contract to FSB Special Service and was used by Team Vympel anti-terrorist special forces of FSB. Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this boots was 100% originally used by this team.


Here is full list of tactical boots used by CSN FSB Alpha and Vympel unit, call us if you need some.

1. Trezeta (tracking boots and athletic shoes), 2002-2012

2. Crispi (tracking boots, mountain boots, ski boots, light boots), 2002-2009

3. Meindl (tracking boots, light boots), 2002-2011

This boots constituted the majority (70%) of boots in CSN in this years.

4. Starforce (tracking boots, light boots), 2006-20012

5. Bestard (tracking boots, mountain boots, athletic shoes), 2007-2011

6. Fal (tracking boots, mountain boots), 2007-2010

7. Bates (tracking boots, mountain boots), 2006-2013

8. Faradei (tracking boots), 2006-2018

9. Chiruca (tracking boots), 2007-2012

10. Vasque (tracking boots), 2007-2012

11. Asolo (tracking boots), 2008-2012

12. Zamberlan (tracking boots), 2008-2012

13. Lowa (tracking boots, light boots), 2009-2014

14. BTK (boots), 2009-2018

15. Merrell (athletic shoes), 2008-2012

Price: $299
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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