2005 Tehinkom UMTBS 6Sh112 modular tactical vest VSR-98 flora (FSB Alpha) [SOLD]

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Price: $430
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UMTBS is a universal modular combat transport system.
"Special forces scout" model.
Made by Techinkom company by state order in 2005. The very first model from the developed system.
In those years, it was supplied exclusively to special forces. Coloring - VSR-98 flora.

This system was developed by Techinkom in the early 2000s on an initiative basis. The company has set the task to create a universal modular system similar in principle to the MOLLE systems developed in the USA. In the absence of high-quality fittings (and the use of foreign fittings in the Russian army required special permission), a unique system for securing pouches on the basis of bending slings reinforced with plastic was used. The manufacturer selected the fabric as close as possible to the cordura, which was produced by the Mogotex company in Belarus. This is one of the first Russian modular systems.
The systems developed on its basis are currently included in the official set of the Russian army "Ratnik".

The vest basis reinforced.
Two pouches for 2 automatic rifle magazines each with a velcro pocket for ROPs (left and right).
Two pouches for 2 automatic rifle magazines each.
Four pouches for a hand grenade (RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1).
Two universal pouches.
Two pouches for 5 grenade launcher rounds each (VOG-25 / 25P), opening left and right.

Condition: average, warehouse storage.
Modified belt (using the ALICE system clips, a tactical belt is attached instead of the standard fastener).
There is no one closing button on one pouch for VOG. In the universal pouch, holes were made for the antenna and the radio switch.

This vest was used by FSB Alpha servicemen.

Price: $430
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