2006 EShP 9 "England" suit jacket in tochka-4 with pants in tochka-3 camo (FSB Alpha) 50-4

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Price: $580
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Camouflage suit "England".
It is made by experimental sewing enterprise "Nine" (EShP Nine) in 2006-2008.
ESR Nine is known for developing its own camouflage patterns, which were then used by many manufacturers, for example, Point-3 (Tochka-3), Point-4 (Tochka-4).

The color of the jacket is Point-4, the color of the pants is Point-3.
Most likely the pants were later bought up by an servicemen instead of worn ones, so the type of camouflage is slightly different.

Camouflage Point-3 is based on the Danish camouflage Flecktarn-D M84. Other Russian companies had similar developments - Sever / Ryaska at SSO, Flektar-D at Splav.

The original Point-4 camouflage, developed by the EShP Nine company a little later, is similar to Point-3, but has one more color, dirty-beige spots are added. Not currently in production.

Size 50-4, suitable for sizes 50-52 and height 3-4.
Made from 100% cotton.

Condition is good, the holes on the trousers with his waist cord are slightly worn out. On the pants there are two inscriptions, the name of the officer (KGN) and his call sign "Konoval" (the so-called self-taught veterinarian in russian villages).

The loose-fitting jacket has a drawstring at the waist, four big patch pockets and a ajustable hood. Adjustment of the hood is done with a rubber cord, which allows to remove the hood without loosening the adjustment. The design of the jacket sleeves ensure maximum freedom with heavy traffic. The central side of the jacket and patch pockets are fastened with special reinforced buttons.

Trousers with reinforcements for seats, knees and lower anti-wear pads. On the ankles, they are pulled in with elastic bands to reduce windage and ease of movement. The belt of trousers, in addition to belt loops, has a pull cord that allows you to wear them without a belt. On each side there are loops for pulls. Four large pockets with reinforced buttons.

Was bought by Alpha servicemen himself and used during action. 

This lot is uniform actually used by FSB Alpha team in limited order. You may find it at documentary photos and it may be actually this suit.

Military contract. 

Army standarts.
Was not offered at civil stores.

Was manufactured at government contract to FSB Special Service and was used in Special Puprose Center of FSB. 

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team 

Price: $580
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