"Zpetsnaz of Russia" newspaper with "Project Altyn" article, 32 pages

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Departmental newspaper of the FSB anti-terror forces of Russia, issue April-May 2020.

This newspaper is distributed only among current employees and veterans of the FSB and is not sold freely even in Russia.

Color newspaper of the A3 format (size 42 x 29.7 cm) - 32 pages.

In this issue, you can read an article about Major Vyacheslav Malyarov, an Alpha officer who died during the hostage rescue during a terrorist attack in Beslan. To learn new facts about the regional Alpha detachment in Murmansk (“killer whale”), the Alpha KGB detachment of Belarus, read about political intrigues in the KGB of Latvia, see previously unpublished photos from the history of the Central Intelligence Service of the FSB of Russia, the group’s work routines now, well, it's just learn Russian language.

The most important article in this newspaper, in our opinion, is the most complete study of the history of the development of the Altyn helmet and its brother, the TIG helmet, carried out by a former special forces soldier and now a military journalist who devoted 5 years of his life to a detailed collection information on all aspects of these helmets.

An article in the newspaper is part of his research, and although it does not reveal all the information and history, it will provide the most accurate picture of this helmet and dispel many lies and historical inaccuracies. You will find out the complete chronology of the development of helmets, as well as what elements of the helmet were upgraded in which years.

You can see original author videos about Altyn helmet here:

A complete list of newspaper materials on the pages:
1. Introduction. Russian Easter.
2 Obituary of Alpha Veteran Major Victor Astakhov
3 Obituary to the hero of Beslan to Major Vyacheslav Malyarov
4-5 Russian Easter
6-7.30 History of the Murmansk ROSN "killer whale"
8-9,14,25 Belarusian Alpha
10-11 Alpha Officers Meetings
12-13.25 What do officers do after leaving
15-18 War Songs Stories
19-21 Political intrigues in Latvia during the collapse of the USSR
22-24 Project Altyn
26-27 Prose Stories of the War Years
28-30 Description of the Chinese drug
31 Wives and widows of Alpha officers
32 List of civic organizations in Alpha

Why you should buy this issue of the newspaper:
1. You do not buy it anywhere except with us
2. Find a lot of interesting things for yourself
3. You can translate what was not clear in the reviews in Russian.
4. Part of the proceeds will be used to finance a new book on Altyn and Tig armored helmets, with a huge amount of photos and information that has not yet been presented to the public, collected by the author V. V. Krashevsky bit by bit from the source and even we have not seen it yet.
5. Those who buy this issue of the newspaper will be provided with undeniable bonuses, a 20% discount on the book + early pre-order.
And a personal autograph of the author V. Krashevsky

And most importantly, only our online store will be exclusively engaged in the implementation of the book in English.

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Price: $40
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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