MEGARARE 1941 early PU scope for Mosin sniper rifle FULL SET, Leningrad Progress plant [SOLD]

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Price: $1400
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Original "PU" scope for Mosin sniper rifle, made in 1941 at Leningrad plant. One of FIRST PU scopes designed and manufactured.
Early "SVT type" tube.  
In fully working condition with full set. Clear lenses. Untouched since war. 

PU scopes was designed in Kharkov #3 NKVD plant (FED) and was manufactured from november of 1940 year at only two plants (#3 Kharkov and #357 Leningrad).

This scope was produced in 1941, the year of the beginning of the war between Germany and the USSR.
Plant NKV No. 357 "Progress" was located in Leningrad and after the start of the war, in 1941 it was evacuated to the Urals in Omsk, as Leningrad was surrounded by German troops and was under siege for 3 years. Therefore, based on the scope number, we can say that the scope was produced in the last days before the evacuation from Leningrad.

The scope has a repair mark "ROL" (this means that the optical lens was repaired / replaced, since there is no mark indicating the year of repair, repairs were carried out during the war from 1941 to 1945). The was no afterwar repair marks, and now it still contains original non-coated lenses, such as those that were originally installed in them during production.

There is an original native 1941 tube, original non-illuminated lenses! Original 1941 mechanics! 

And scope is fully operational!

The most complete set:
1. Scope "PU" produced in 1941, original (early type of body similar to scopes made for SVT-40). The letters "СВ" (Снайперская Винтовка = sniper rifle) are affixed on the drum - means the Mosin sniper rifle (in order that it would not be installed on another type of rifle, they could be distinguished from the PU for the Tokarev rifle (SVT-40), since the early type of the PU sight case was also used for scopes for the SVT-40 rifle and for scopes for the Mosin rifle.
2. Bracket "Kochetov" - original
3. Base from bracket "Kochetov" - original
4. Pins and screws for the base from the bracket "Kochetov" - original
5. Original leather caps
6. Cover (early type with leather side protectors).
7. Original new napkin from the cover kit.

Perfect condition for a scope that's 80 years old!

Price: $1400
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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