2004 SRVV Winter camouflage suit white FSB Alpha

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Price: $330
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Winter camo suit made by SRVV (Survival Corps) in 2004-2006.
White color camo. Military government order at stamp. Was used by FSB Alpha. You can see this suit at documentary photos.

Size in stock:

Size 1 46-50/3-4: At photos - Used condition, may have minor signs of repair. The white color of the suit has turned yellow and dirty as a result of use in combat conditions, but now it has acquired a natural camouflage color to reduce visibility.

Size 2 50-54/4-5: New unused condition, from warehouse storage. May have a removable traces of dust.


Was used by FSB Alpha and Vympel spetsnaz special forces from end of 2000-x till current time in anti-terrorist operation in North Caucasus area.

Made of waterproof imported fabric reinforced with threads (rip-stop).

Anorak jacket with a zipper on the chest. Elbows have extra layers of fabric for strength and protection. On the sleeves there is an additional covering for the back of the hand and a retaining elastic band. Drawstring hood with rigid visor.
Bib pants with suspenders. Elastic bands on the sides. Reversible zip that allows you to unzip both top and bottom for a daily routine. At the bottom of the pants there is a Velcro strap. Front knee and back additional reinforcement with layers of fabric for durability and protection.

Price: $330
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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