2004 SRVV Winter camouflage suit white FSB Alpha

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Price: $205
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Winter camo suit made by SRVV (Survival Corps) in 2004-2006.
White color camo. Military government order at stamp. Was used by FSB Alpha. You can see this suit at documentary photos.
Used condition, may have minor signs of repair.

The white color of the suit has turned yellow and dirty as a result of use in combat conditions, but now it has acquired a natural camouflage color to reduce visibility.

Was used by FSB Alpha and Vympel spetsnaz special forces from end of 2000-x till current time in anti-terrorist operation in North Caucasus area.

One size fits M,L,XL (loose jacket, pants with elastic bands), fits sizes 48 to 54 and heights 4-5 from 170 to 182 cm.

Made of waterproof imported fabric reinforced with threads (rip-stop).

Anorak jacket with a zipper on the chest. Elbows have extra layers of fabric for strength and protection. On the sleeves there is an additional covering for the back of the hand and a retaining elastic band. Drawstring hood with rigid visor.
Bib pants with suspenders. Elastic bands on the sides. Reversible zip that allows you to unzip both top and bottom for a daily routine. At the bottom of the pants there is a Velcro strap. Front knee and back additional reinforcement with layers of fabric for durability and protection.

Price: $205
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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