DC-810F1 headset Vertex type (FSB Alpha early 200x)

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Price: $187
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 DC-810F1 headset for Vertex radio, new condition, from warehouse storage.

Was supplied to FSB Alpha in early 2000x and used with with unradiated helmets type K6-3.

Full set:
1. DC-810F1 headset, new condition, from warehouse storage:
2. Headset with a microphone on a gooseneck and connectors for connection to the Vertex station and for the PTT communication activation button
3. PTT Fingertip link activation button
4. Copy of original passport

Clip the earphone into the helmet compartment, and guide and secure the wire. Check that there are no excessive strains or kinks in the wire anywhere. Pass the PTT button wire through the sleeve and connect the connector. Connect the headset to the radio carefully. If it is permissible, check the functionality by short-term communication.

When connected, the headset is always in radio standby mode. Volume control is performed on the radio station.
To transmit, press one of the PTT (transmit) buttons. During operation, make sure that items of equipment do not accidentally pinch the PTT.


Price: $187
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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