MEGARARE 1991 6B6-2 titanium armor helmet, prototype of K6-3 [RESERVE]

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Price: $4700
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Titanium helmet 6B6-2 produced by VNII of Steel.

Full titanium helmet with titanium visor. One of the most mega rare varieties of this type of helmet. In original black color.
And most importantly - with the original rare label of the helmet manufacturer "VNII STALI" (stands for "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of STEEL").

This is the past name of the Research Institute "Steel", the developer of all known helmets K6-3, Altyn, Rys-T.

The name "VNII Stali" existed from 1991 to 1993, and it was during this period that this helmet was produced. It means that this is the earliest titanium helmet of the 6B6 family (which included an army helmet 6B6s, 6B6-1 without a visor, 6B6-2 with a titanium slotted visor, well known 6B6-3 with bulletproof glass (K6-3), 6B6-4 policeman with a transparent visor, 6B6M with frontal reinforcement).

The weight of the helmet with visor is 3180 grams.
Helmet number on the dome # 7
It is intended for assault groups of special forces of the KGB / FSB of Russia, information is also known about the use of these helmets in the "VV" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Thus, before you is one of the first 6B6 helmet in history, released before 1993 in the 6B6-2 version.

The only helmet model in the world that has a slotted titanium visor.
This helmet is a rarer than all other titanium helmets, such as Tig, Altyn, K6-3, Tys-T, and they have not survived in sufficient quantities and may never appear on sale again.
Mega rarity, don't miss chance to buy.

Price: $4700
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