UNIQUE KBSN Omelchenko armor vest (KGB Alpha)

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Price: $17500
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KBSN "Omelchenko".
Unique armor vest, was used by the sabotage detachments of the KGB of the USSR in Afghanistan and even in the 1st Chechen company.
Combined Body Armor System made by Svyatoslav Omelchenko.
Made in 1986-1987 years (one of only 20 vests made at the Research Institute of Steel and Alloys of the USSR for the KGB of the USSR).
1000% original (will provide confirmation of originality to buyer).
Second vest caught in our world and only one available for purchase in the collection.
Do not look for it anywhere - you will not find it anywhere anytime. Only one here! Another vest is already at collectors hands in Italy.
This unique body armor will set you apart from thousands of collectors around the world. Its historical value is extremely high. Contact us for payment details.

The vest is a combination of pouches and a modular protective vest, which was developed by special forces officer Svyatoslav Omelchenko in 1985-1987 years.
General look resembles 6b5 body armor with 6b3 armor elements.
The pouches system itself is represented by a huge number of pouches for inventory and ammunition, which in the days of the USSR was not yet available for supply in the army.
The front section has pouches for machine guns, radio stations, grenades, IFAK medicine and other equipment.
The back section has a unique duffel bag with various compartments.
The front section is shielded with a soft armor twaron plate with armor elements of various class of protection, pockets for installing armor elements have the ability to increase the thickness of the armor elements to maximum protection, which was not used in 6b3, 4 and 5 series armor vests.
Also, the front section is protected by a twaron (kevlar screen) in a waterproof case.
The back section is only a kevlar screen, but inside the cover there are mounting rings for installing an additional screen with titanium armor elements.
The most important thing in this vest is its mega rarity and exclusivity! Perhaps it is in one of the documentary photos.
Features of this vest (some titanium armor elements are dated 1987, under the middle valve of the pouch from the store, the letter "E" is inscribed).

Price: $17500
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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