1932 PP-1 optical panoramic machine gun scope for Maxim [RESERVE]

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Price: $3900
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Optical machine gun scope PP-1 (panoramic machine gun scope) for the machine gun "Maxim" model 1932.

These optical panoramic scopes were produced in the USSR from the beginning of the 1930s until 1942 in various versions and for various types of weapons.

Initially, the scope was supposed to be mounted on a Maxim machine gun with an armored shield with an aiming window, either without a shield, or with a Vladimirov machine.

Early scopes had the designation PP-1, as this scope, later types had different species designations:
PP1-1 for Maxim machine gun
PP1-2 for the ZIS-2 57 mm. gun.
PP1-3 for the 45 mm. model of 1942 gun.

This scope is one of the rarest types, since 99% of similar scopes were either lost (or destroyed in battle) at the beginning of the war between the USSR and Nazi Germany in 1941-42, or were converted at the factory to fit the reticle of cannon scopes. In addition, the use of the Maxim machine gun with an optical scope was extremely expensive for the USSR, and the production of machine gun scopes for Maxim was discontinued around 1941.

Megarare lot in perfect working condition.

Price: $3900
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