1987 USSR KZM winter camouflage suit white (FSB Alpha, Chechen wars)

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Price: $160
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Winter camouflage suit KZM manufactured by Komsomolsky R.P.K. (Komsomolsk, Ivanovo region).
Produced in the USSR in 1987-1988 according to the specifications of 1978.
Was used by army special forces and Alpha FSB in the Chechen wars

The suit is made of bleached calico in a free cut and can be worn over any army uniform.
The free cut of the suit allows you to hide the silhouette of the human figure well. The jacket and trousers have slits for access to uniform pockets under the camouflage suit. The hood and cuffs of the jacket, as well as the bottom of the pants, are pulled in with ribbon ties. The bottom of the sleeves is made in the form of a 3-blade mitten for putting on over army warm 3-blade mittens.

Complete set: loose-fitting jacket with a hood, loose-fitting pants, bag.

Size: 170-176/100-104.

Material: natural calico fabric 100% cotton, does not rustle, gets wet quickly and dries quickly, article of the fabric standard 276.
Specifications TU 17-0854-78. The model has long been discontinued.

Condition: practically new, not used in combat conditions, but has a few traces of dirt (see photo). The inscription 5.11 is sarcastically painted on the jacket and pants, the call sign of the officer "Grad" (Shower of hail)is written on the bag.

Price: $160
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