2003 Splav winter camouflage suit blot white 56-58 (FSB Alpha, Chechen war)

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Price: $280
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Winter camouflage suit "Klyaksa" (Blot)
The first version, was produced by Splav company in 2003-2004.
The suit was used by the army special forces of the Airborne Forces and the special forces of the FSB Alpha during special operations in Chechnya.
You can see this suit in documentary photographs of Anatoly Lebed in Chechnya and photographs of the FSB Alpha operations.

This suit was used by an Alpha officer.

Lightweight, compact, waterproof suit. The jacket is lined, fastens with zippers and buttons, slits on the chest for access to uniform pockets.
Additionally, there is a drawstring for the jacket and hood. Pants with elastic.

Size 56-58 height 182-188, however, if your size is slightly smaller, then the suit is also suitable, it is free-cut and designed to hide the silhouette of the figure.
There are a couple of small holes the size of a needle prick (from a spark). May have minor repairs. In general, the condition for such age and using in real combat is good.
Also included is a backpack cover and storage bag.

1. Jacket
2. Pants
3. Backpack cover
4. Storage bag

Price: $280
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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