New 2008 leather holster set for PYA Yarygin Grach FSB Alpha

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Price: $150
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Black leather holster for PYa Yarygin (Grach) pistol.

Made in Izhevsk city in 2008 for FSB Alpha. Military acceptance mark inside.
Material - genuine leather.
Condition - new, from storage.

Black color. 

1. Holster
2. Safety strap
3. Magazine pouch

The regular holster for the PYa pistol is made of genuine leather of a saddle-saddle type.

The model is conveniently fixed on the belt and is made for a specific weapon, taking into account its size.

The leather holster for closed carrying of the 9mm Yarygin pistol is designed for storing and carrying the 9mm Yarygin pistol, as well as protecting it from dust, dirt and precipitation.

The holster is black in color, consists of a body to which are attached: a valve with a brass retainer for fastening the holster and a retainer pad; a fastening gort into the hole of which a brass retainer mounted on the valve enters; carrying loop for attaching the holster to the waist belt; belt loop and ramrod support; two-layer pad with a cutout for the pistol latch; lining reinforcing the fixation of the pistol grip in the holster and support for the muzzle of the pistol.


Price: $150
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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