197X Soviet body armor vest ZHZT-71 (1971-1993) [RESERVE]

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Price: $2200
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A unique LOT is offered to your attention.
One of the founders of all body armor of the USSR.
Bulletproof body armor vest ZhZT-71

*Attention, this is not ZhZT-71M and not ZhZT-71M, this is the first model! Green cover, earliest type made for the KGB of the USSR.
(For the militia of the USSR, basically the body armor was sewn in a blue-colored cover).

This vest is practically in a new condition (warehouse storage). This can be seen on the cover.
There was some damage on the cover (vertical rupture of the fabric on the right side near the belt due to careless transportation, shown by an arrow, it is currently repaired by careful sewing).

Body armor history;
It was produced from 1971 until mid-1980.
Body armor ZhZT-71 consists of titanium plates riveted riveted to each other. The vest does not have a deforming layer and weighs about 10 kilograms ("titanium shell in fabric").

The bulletproof vest was modernized in 1975, the production of the ZHZT-71U and ZHZT-71M, equipped with a fabric waistcoat - a "jacket-damper" (a very rare thing now, since subsequently they were all disposed of after the expiration of their use) began.

These vests are now very rare since they have been disposed of a long time ago.
Hurry up the reenactors!
These vests were used in all conflicts of the USSR and the CIS from 1971 to 1993! (Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc.)

The performance characteristics of the bulletproof vest:
The vest provides protection (chest, abdominal cavity and back) from bullets of pistols of the type: 7.62 mm TT, 9 mm Makarov, 9 mm Parabellum, 11.43 mm Colt and hunting shotguns with cartridges equipped with various types of shots, canister;
Protection area - 40.5 dm2;


Price: $2200
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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