BZT-75 titanium shield 3 class (Russian spetsnaz OMON SOBR NATIONAL GUARD) [RESERVE]

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Price: $850
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Guard Shield BZT- 75T

From warehouse storage, 100 original, in cover. Light and comfortable (instead of steel BZT-75s).

The shield was in use for its intended purpose.
There are scuffs along the edges of the fabric and one small hole in the fabric on the front part, from time to time the inner foam rubber under the fabric on the back of the shield has deteriorated.
There is no damage to the shield metal.

The photographs show a typical shield, the product being sold may differ slightly in appearance, if necessary, you can request a photo before buying, and when buying, we will in any case agree on the product by sending you a photo of it.

Used by russian police and special forces. OMON, SOBR. 

BZT-75 armored shields have become widespread among special forces due to their low weight and small size, which allows and allows them to be successfully used in the dynamic storming of buildings (rooms), when the speed of movement has priority.

Historical reference:
In this form, there were three types of shields:
Bzt-75 - titanium shield 3 protection class, weight 5 kilograms - AS LISTED HERE
Bzt -75 "s" - "S" - steel - steel shield, 3 protection class, weight 8.5 kilograms
Bzt -75 "s" - "S" - steel - steel shield, 5 protection class, weight 12.5 kilograms

Steel shields were heavy and very inconvenient to use on one hand. At the same time, 5 class steel shield, although it protected from automatic weapons, but due to its small size, the protection area was extremely small and risk of hitting was very high. Later, for protection against heavy weapons, officers began to use full-size class 6 shields. Light titanium class 3 shield remained the most effective for light protection, because it weighed only 5 kilograms instead of a similar steel shield weight 8.5 kilograms, which was significant for a load on one hand.

Construction: BZT-75 has a trapezoidal shape with a bend of the plane of the metallic part inward along the vertical axis of symmetry and with rounded corners. The metal part is inserted into the fabric cover. The armor plate is held with one hand using a rubberized metal handle and a bracket fixed to the back of the guard at an angle to its base.

Purpose: Armor shield BZT type designed and manufactured as a means of body armor for the personnel of the law enforcement bodies.

Specifications: Metal part of the product provides protection from damaging factors firearms 3 - 5 protection class according to GOST R 50744-95 .

3 Protection class according to GOST 50744-95
Protects from Makarov PM, Tokarev TT, UZI 9x19, 5.45, 7.62 AK-74, AKM (non thermal-strengthened core)

Protection area: 21.5 dm2

Weight, kg, not more than 8.5

Overall dimensions 600x415

Operating temperature range, ° C from -40 to +50

This shield is ready to protect, don't lose its properties, not damaged. Do not miss to buy a collection of 100 % original ! DELIVERY anywhere in the world!


Price: $850
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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