MASKA-1 helmet (visorless type) MVD VV OMON 199x-200x [RESERVE]

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Price: $1200
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MASKA-1 steel bulletproof helmet. Visorless type.
Was used in Chechen wars and anti-terrorist operations.
Class of protection: 2 (protects from pistols 9x19, 7.62x25).
Was used by special forces in russian army and russian ministry of internal affairs.
The helmet was used in combat operations, have scratches. No functional defects.

This helmet is intended to ensure the protection of the human head from possible injury by bullets from the following types of weapons:
TT pistol of 7.62 mm;
PM pistol caliber 9,0 mm;
PSM pistol of 5.45 mm;
6.35 caliber pistols and 5.6 mm,
as well as from the impact of shrapnel , ball and flechettes .

Internal gear helmet ( dampers, polyurethane foam , restraint belts, tension controller ) is designed to absorb the dynamic impact of bullets and shrapnel in the head of a man during the shelling .
Helmet design involves the installation of fabric part on the size of the human head from 56 to 60 .

Technical characteristics:
The geometrical dimensions of the helmet , mm:
- Height - 260 ± 5
- Depth - 280 ± 5
- Width - 245 ± 5
Operating temperature range , ° C - 50 to 50
Weight without packaging helmet bags , kg - 3,4 ± 0,1
Helmet size - from 56 to 62.

Price: $1200
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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