SSSH-94 Sphere-S helmet + 4 covers + bag [RESERVE]

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Price: $600
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For sale Sphere-S Sfera-S SSSH-94 helmet.


1. Helmet in 3 armor parts
2. Main green cover
3. 2x laces for cover
4. Bag
5. Plastic chin rest
6. Winter white cover
7. VSR-93 summer cover
8. VSR-98 flora summer cover
9. Sewing spare parts set

Such helmets was used at middle 1990x at 1-st and 2-nd Chechen wars.


As a result of the development of technologies used in the manufacture of armored elements, in 1994 the STSH-81 helmet  was replaced by his upgraded version - SSH-94 protective helmet (Special Steel Helmet of the 1994 year model) "SPHERE-S", the letter "S" in the title meant that the armored elements in the helmet were not made of titanium, but of special armored steel.

Technical characteristics of the SSH-94 helmet "SPHERE-S":

Weight - 3,5 kg

Material armor - a special armored steel.

Protection - 2 class. The helmet protects the head of a person, except for a person, in class 2 of the Russian GOST, that is, protects against damage by standard bullets with steel cores released from a 9x18 mm PM pistol, an 9x18 mm APC pistol, a 7.62x25 mm TT pistol, PSM caliber 5.45x18 mm, falling at a right angle from a distance of 5 meters, protects against tangent hits from submachine guns and rifle bullets, as well as from the impact of fragmentation damaging elements.

The total area of protection is not less than 10 square meters. decimeters

The height of the helmet is 250 mm, width - 240 mm.


Price: $600
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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