2012 Lednik (Glacier) membrane winter special suit by Optima (CSN FSB) [SOLD]

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Price: $580
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Special winter mountain membrane suit. Made by Optima (Voronezh) in 2012.
Was not offered in civil shops, custom order for CSN of FSB.

Intended for fighting in winter and mountain conditions. Developed on the basis of FSB technical specifications for anti-terrorist units fighting in the mountains of the North Caucasus. A full weatherproof suit is enough to wear thermal underwear and a Glacier suit from above and go into battle.

Very light weight (3 kg.)
Upper fabric - membrane. Does not get wet, does not blow through, breathes.
The base of the suit is primaloft insulation.
Wind protection
Comfortable short jacket for combat and placement in armored vehicles on the roads.
Many pockets.
Pants - semi-overalls with straps. Loins warm.
Sanitary valve in the pants.
Zips on the pants for ease of putting on shoes.
A warm hood is fastened to the jacket. It can be removed, in the collar there is another light from the rain.
Taped seams with protection from getting wet.
Eight pockets on the jacket.
Two pockets on the pants.
Strengthened fabric on the elbows and knees.


Size in stock: 

Jacket + pants 176-96-78 (48/3)
Jacket 176-100-82 + pants 176-96-78 (48-50/3) 
Jacket 182-108-96 + pants 176-108-96 (54/3-4)

Warehouse storage, new or like new condition. 

Set: jacket, pants, hood.

More details:

The suit consists of a jacket and semi-overalls. The lining of the jacket is quilted with Primalofft insulation with a density of 150 grams. / m Jacket with a removable, warm hood. The lining of the semi-overalls is quilted with insulation 100 gr. / m Jacket with detachable insulated hood. The jacket is zipped - “tractor”, with two cursors.

The 'zipper' is closed by the shelves of the jacket and insulated from the inside with a strip. Lightning cords are attached to five-cm long cords — for ease of use, with warm gloves or gloves on.

Jacket length - to hips, optimal for placement in vehicles, armored vehicles and for actions in a limited volume.

The property carried in a jacket is distributed on eight pockets. Two vertical, slit pockets with leaves, placed in the upper part of the shelves, and fastened with a zipper. The sleeves are reinforced with a second layer of fabric on the elbows.

To protect against rain and sleet, a lightweight hood made of synthetic fabric with a polyurethane coating is attached to the back of the back. The hood retracts into the backrest lining. The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in volume with a rubber band in the side details of the belt.

On the front and rear parts of the belt are belt loops.

Bib with a sanitary valve, fastened at the back of the back split zipper, reaching to the bottom of the pants. Slots are used for ease of use overalls, if you need to remove it without taking off the shoes. The warmed overalls are zipped. The zipper is covered with a heat-insulated strip, fastened on a Velcro-Velcro. Two overhead, volume pockets with flaps fastening on two buttons are placed on the jumpsuit in front. The growth of the semi-overalls is regulated by shoulder straps, with quick-release polymer locks.




Price: $580
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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