2006 SRVV "Manipul" black tactical vest 31 items CSN FSB Alpha Vympel

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Price: $830
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SRVV (Survival corps) tactical modular system "Manipul". Black cordura, MOLLE, PALS. 
First version of SRVV tactical vest, with leather on right side.
Megapack, 31 items. Condition of items: new / very good condition. Limited quantity of such sets.
"Manipul" vest was never sold in civilian shops and was supplied only to special forces CSN FSB. See example of passport.
Actually this vest was supplied to CSN FSB Alpha and Vympel in 2006 by SRVV (Survival Corps) company.
First factory-made russian MOLLE tactical vest supplied to Alpha under technical requirements of FSB.
Later, in 2009 year SSO (SPOSN) company also supplied to CSN FSB its own tactical vest "Strike-Omega" (also in stock, see another lots)
SRVV Manipul is classical team Alpha / Vympel tactical vest, you can see it in most photos from 2006 to modern times.

Set of 31 items:

1. 1x Tactical "Modular" vest with MOLLE PAL straps
2. 1x Straps for shoulder-belt system
3. 1x Soft belt pad
4. 1x Tactical belt
5. 1x CamelBak hydrator 1.5l
6. 1x radio pouch
7. 1x IFAC medical / small utility pouch
8. 1x Medium utility universal pouch
9. 1x Pistol holster 
10. 1x Pistol magazine pouch
11. 1x 2xROP flashlight / rocket pouch (for 2 rockets / flashlight)
12. 1x Universlal drop leg platform
13. 1x Empty magazines pouch
14. 1x BRS handcuffs / SVD magazine pouch
15. 3x 2xAK magazine pouch with velcro (for 2 magazines each)
16. 1x 2xAK1xROP magazine pouch with buckle (for 2 AK magazines and flashlight / ROP rocket)
17. 3x 2xVAL/VSS magazine pouch with buckle (for 2 VAL / VSS magazines each)
18. 1x 1xVAL/VSS magazine pouch with velcro and rubber band holder
19. 3x RGD hand frag grenade pouch with velcro
20. 1x RGD hand frag grenade pouch with buckle
21. 1x Buttpack
22. 1x 3xAK magazines pouch
23. 1x Drop leg platform for handgun holster with MOLLE straps
24. 1x Gaz mask pouch
25. Manipul passport (copy)

* Also we can assemble another set special for you, please contact us

Was manufactured special for team Alpha and Vympel and differs from civil version of this product. 

Contact us if you want another set. 

Was manufactured under government contract special and on terms of reference of KGB. 

Genuine stuff.
Military contract.
Army standarts.
This type of amunition not offered at civil stores
and was made special for TSSN (Alpha and Vympel teams).

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team.




Price: $830
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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