2008 multicam combat pants + shirt made in USA (used by CSN FSB Alpha) size L 50-52

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Price: $230
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Combat pants / shirt in multicam camo. Made in USA in ~2008. One of first multicam uniform used by CSN FSB Alpha team.
Such suits were purchased independently by FSB fighters.
Later, from ~2012 suits in multicam camo was supplied to FSB by russian companies.

Size: L (50-52). Pants size close to 50. Shirt size close to 52. Height 4.
Condition: average, traces of paint on the pants, some velcro is repaired in the field by a fighter themself.

Combat shirt:
Standing collar.
Pockets with zippers.
Velcro on the sleeves for attaching chevrons.
Reinforced elbows and shoulders.
Sleeves, shoulders - rip-stop fabric.
Chest, back, armpits - thermal underwear that removes moisture.

10 convenient pockets on all sides on the hips, on the sides, back and bottom.
Velcro and zipper. You can open the zippered pockets for extra ventilation.
Tightening slings to reduce pants.
Zippers and Velcro bottom pants.
Reinforced knees.

Also we have another size in great condition, please send a message with your size and we'll try to find it.
Was used by FSB russian spetsnaz Alfa / Vympel unit.

Was manufactured under government contract special and on terms of reference of FSB. 

This type was not offered in civil stores of Russia.

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team.




Price: $230
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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