2011-2014 Deuter AirContact 75+10 backpack (russian spetsnaz FSB Alpha Vympel) [SOLD]

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Price: $240
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Deuter backpack Aircontact 75 + 10

Officially supplied in 2011-2014 for the CSN of the FSB of the Russian Federation.
Actually this backpack was used by FSB Alpha member.
(it is in the coloring black + coffee)

Large front valve for direct access
Vari Flex Wing Pull-Pull-Forward
X-shaped perforated aluminum rods transfer load to the hips
Side compression slings
Zipper pocket on the wing of the belt
Height adjustable top valve
Flap pocket
Inside pocket for small items
Two lines of loops daisy chains
Mounting rings on the valve top cover
Hinges for mounting an ice ax and trekking poles
Separate compartment at the bottom
Compression slings below
Double layer bottom
Removable rain cover
Card pocket on the side
Second spacious pocket on the side
SOS label
Drinking compatibility
Wet Compartment
For Aircontact models 50 + 10SL and more:

Special tailoring the top of the backpack
upper adjustable stabilizing slings
Material: Duratex / 330D Micro Rip Pro 6

Take chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this most elite special forces team in Russia.



Price: $240
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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