FORT Voin Fortres type T protective fireproof anti-cut overalls suit grey color

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Price: $1357
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Voin Fortres type T fireproof anti-cut overalls suit made by FORT company. Very good condition, from warehouse storage.
Grey color. Internal ties to stop bleeding, sanitary valve, emergency loop, zippers for ventilation.

Size in stock (please choose when make order):
1. Size type 2 52-54/3-5 (chest 104-108 cm, height 170-182 cm)
2. Size type 3 56-58/4-6 (chest 112-116 cm, height 176-188 cm)

Overalls is designed to protect employees from fragments, cuts with sharp objects and burns when exposed to an open flame.
A fabric armor layer is sewn into the overalls cover, providing anti-shatter protection.
On the sleeves and trousers there is the “Harness” system, designed to temporarily stop bleeding when large arterial vessels of the extremities are damaged.
Overalls provide an opportunity to cope with basic physiological needs.
Upper fabric, lining fabric and fabric armor suit element unflammable.

Supplied to CSN FSB Alpha.

You can see this suits at photos and video of anti-terrorist operations and trainings.



Price: $1357
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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