2010 FORT DEFENDER-2 armor vest black w/MOLLE, velcro belt [RESERVE]

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Price: $2900
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Bullet-proof armor vest "Defender-2" (manufactured by Fort Technology a on special order for the Central Service Center of the FSB).
Semi-molle model with velcro belt.
Color: black, condition "like new".
A complete set of original protective elements.

Full set with corresponding similar vest size and soft armor sheets.

Such vests "Alpha" and "Vympel" team use in anti-terrorist operations from 2009 to 2014, some vests may be seen even in modern time.

Protection class: "5a" (AKM, AK74, SVD). 
The protection class can be lowered by lightening the weight of the body armor, removing hard armor or soft armor.

1. Cover with MOLLE shoulder straps, flaps for kevlar (soft armor) and steel armor plates (hard armor), fastened with velcro at the waist.
2. 3x cover kevlar sheets similar size as cover (front - VGM/ATT 2 class, back - VGM 1+ class and ATT, total 2 class).
3. 2x collars covers (front and back)
4. 2x collars soft armor sheets (1 class)

5. 2x shock absorbing sheets (front and back)
6. 4x hard armor plates (pair of top and bottom for front and pair of top and bottom for back)
7. Groin protection cover
8. Groin kevlar protection soft armor (1 class).

All 100% original!
Size 56-4 is indicated on the cover (it is permissible to use for size 50-58, as the cover has adjustment for the shoulders and chest).
If you are interested in such vest but wear other size, please send a message with chest size and height.

Weight - approximately 12 kilograms

Price: $2900
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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