Aiming scales set for 1PN58 NSPUM (1PN34 NSPU) soviet night vision scope

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Price: $88
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A set of aiming scales from a set of soviet (russian) night scopes 1pn58 (NSPUM), can also fit 1pn34 (NSPU).
When installed on a separate type of weapon, on a night scope it is required to change the adjustment drum to the appropriate one.

In factory box there is one scale already attached to scope (see photo).
And others 6 scales are in plastic container. So, u
sually scope goes with 7 scales total , one mounted at scope and 6 are in plastic container. 

Full scales set including mounted at scope, consist of scales for SVD, RPG-7, PK, RPK, RPK-74, AKM, AK-74. So, if you bought scope without factory box, you have only one scale mounted at scope. And can order another 6 scales from us. Just make order and send us 6x scales you want or send us name of scale from your scope and we send 6x another ones.

If you want to have a full set of scales, please found and send us scale from your scope and we will send others 6 scales, so, you will have full set.

Condition is new, from warehouse storage.

Drums container, 6 aiming scales for different type of weapons

Price: $88
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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