K6-3 6B6-3 titanium helmet same numbers (FSB Alpha, SOBR) BESLAN 2004 [RESERVE]

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Price: $4700
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K6-3 (also know as 6B6-3) russian titanium bulletproof helmet.
Warehouse storage, from real combat unit.
There is lack of paint due to storage (this is illness of all russian titanium helmets - paint do not stick to titanium).
Clean original bulletproof glass.
The original fitted helmet visor, perfectly fixed in the open and closed position.

Size 1: fits 57-59.

Original bag included.

Good condition, clean glass.
Just scratches from warehousing.

Do not miss real russian armor helmet with great history.

Was used by FSB Alpha, you can see such helmets in photos from Beslan 2004.

Mostly used by MVD MIA teams, VV, SOBR, National guard.
2 class of protection (PM 9x19, TT 7.62x25).
Maximum class of protection bulletproof armor helmet made for russian special forces.

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One of the best helmets made in Russia! Whole drawn sphere made from titanium alloy! Very complex production!
Was used on many historical events in Russia, anti-terrorist operations. Was used from 2000 to the present time.


Production period : from the early 90s to the present day
Material : Titanium 3mm aramid backwater .
Weight : 3.6 kg
Completeness: helmet, visor .
Class: 2
Status: in production, in use.
Manufacturer: Research Institute of Steel
Where to use : MIA

The shape of the helmet K6 -3 (nominal designation - 6B6 -3 , K6 -3 - the commercial name of the helmet ) copies the entire helmet Altyn , as used for the production of both a stamp- mold . His appearance K6 -3 is required to change in market conditions means of body armor to the beginning of the 90s . It was in the early 90s Steel Research Institute leadership it was decided to establish commercially manufacture a similar hat and Altyn and using existing developments . But given the already tried and tested new technologies and materials . Because the helmet was 3 mm thick titanium shell , less than Altyn , but was supplemented with aramid overpressure .



Price: $4700
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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