Maska-1 (SCH), early type, glass / slotted visor (1-2 Chechen wars)

Price $2842 (shipping included)


Price: $2842
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Maska-1 (SCH), rare early type with blue bezel and visor overlay. 

The set includes one visor of the two presented for your choice, please send a message which visor you need -
1. metal visor with bulletproof glass (default).
2. metal slotted (if you want to get a helmet with this visor, please mark it when purchasing).

Helmet was made in 1993-1995 years. Early type with brown comforter and blue piping,
Perfect condition of the foam liner, no cracks, a rare early type white chin-cup.
An 100% original helmet with original fittings, in original paint, with all original elements (screws, fasteners, comforter).
The one of a kind on sale now completely original helmet without interventions, homemade repairs and tuning.
Almost perfect collectible condition, now these are no longer found on sale.
The size of all helmets Maska-1 ("Sch") type is standard, up to the 62 cm. head size.
Please take attention to the thickness of the bulletproof glass, 16mm (a package of triplex and thick tempered rounded glass - previously produced at a plant for the production of bulletproof glasses for aircraft and helicopters, has its own identification number). This is the most durable glass of all other bulletproof glasses installed on other types of helmets taken away.

You could see such helmets on special forces soldiers (MVD, FSB) in all hot spots of Russia since 1993, including the wars in Chechnya and almost up to our time.

Price: $2842
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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