2008 MVRI.04.30.000 AK handguard mod (used by CSN FSB)

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Price: $380
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The handguard for an AK-series (AK-105, AK-74) assault rifle produced by the SKTBR plant in Kaluga in 2008.

Authentic original handguard used in CSN FSB Alpha.

Type MVRI.04.30.000 produced according to the technical specifications MVRI.04.08.000TU.
Metal thermal shield, three weaver strips (bottom and sides).
The front metal insert and the thermal shield protect the shooter's hand from burns during intense fire.
Removable (for installing steam generator) integrated lower universal Picatinny Rail / Weaver base, 115 mm long, designed for installation of additional equipment: stationary / folding handle, folding bipod. The lower and side strips are removable, which allows you to use the fore-end with the required number of guides.

Additional side universal guide bars are used to install the Tactical Lantern, LTSU. No tools are required to install the forend.

Material - polymer plastic, metal.

Produced up to 2008 by the company MVRI Tuning weapons, the plant OJSC "SPECIAL DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGICAL BUREAU OF RADIOOBORUDOVANIYA" SKTBR in the city of Kaluga. A well-known production company, which was based on the creation of tuning for the civil and military segment. In 2008 it ceased to exist, since 2011 other companies have been producing identical products from another materials.
However, the products of the SKTBR, which are presented in this lot, were supplied to the CSN FSB. You can see it in the documentary photos.

Price: $380
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