USSR ZHZL-74 armor vest, KGB Alpha (Transnistria 1992, Moscow 1993) [RESERVE]

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Price: $900
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ZHZL-74 vest was designed in 1974. There are used so-called "scaly" scheme for the placement of armored elements. Armored elements with a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 2 mm (ABT-101 aluminum alloy is used for armor elements) are arranged in two layers, with the "scales" in the layers oriented in different directions to exclude the dodger of weapons when striking from corners. High reliability of protection against any hand stabbing weapons.

The complexity of the design of the ZhZL-74 vest is related to the extremely high design requirements for protection against cold weapons and the required protection area. The bulletproof vest closes vital organs and guarantee to protect the body from knife attacks, sharpening, an awl, a spoke (not always protected by Kevlar bulletproof vests of the 1st and 2nd protection classes, without hard armor elements). Also, it weakens strokes with stones, an ax, a crowbar, other weapons of shock-crushing action due to the rigidity of the whole structure, and its parts.

Weight of vest: 3.5 kg, protection square: 43-47 square decimiters. Time of confortable wearing: up to 8 hours.

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Material of armor:

During the period from 1962 to 1965, Steel Research Institute, with the involvement of the aviation industry institutes VILS, VIAM and MATI, developed aluminum armor. As an welded bulletproof armor, an aluminum high-strength alloy of the Al-Zn-Mg composition was proposed, which in the heat-treated state provided an optimal combination of strength and ductility. The alloy was standardized under the name ABT-101 (aluminum armor armor) or grade 1901. The ABT-101 alloy is a heat-strengthenable deformable complex alloy welded alloy of the Al-Zn-Mg system with a total content of Zn and Mg up to 9% and a ratio of 2: 1 ( this is almost 2 times more than in foreign aluminum armor alloys). This alloy has unique anti-mine and anti-fragmentation characteristics.

This alloy became the basis for designing a whole series of light-armored combat vehicles (BMD-1, BMD-2, BMD-3).

Used since the end of the 1980s, also by USSR KGB! Used during assault of the White House in 1993.

Price: $900
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