NEW 197X NSPU 1PN34 soviet night vision scope [SOLD]

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Price: $1800
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NEW original russian NSPU (1PN34) night vision scope. Made in 197x years. Have a factory maintenance 1985 mark.
Such scopes were used by fighters of the soviet army, KGB, GRU of the USSR from the end of 1960 to 1990 in all wars and local conflicts for a given period (Afghanistan, Chechnya).
From warehouse storage. Never been installed on rifle, never used. In factory lubricant and paper. Rubber parts in talcum powder.
Clean reticle, checked working condition, attached actual image from this scope.
Also, as a gift, we give an adapter for 2 AA batteries for working the scope in a civilian version from regular AA batteries.

1. Scope NPSU 1PN34 with a nozzle on the lens ("diaphragm") for the possibility of using a night sight in daylight + Eyecup.
2. Carry bag (traces of wear inside, bag is almost 50 years old)
3. Light filter
4. Spare cartridge for drying in a glass

5. Eyecup ("Cat's Eye") 
6. A set of aiming scales (limbs) for different types of weapons, one scale is already at scope
7. Container for 2x AA batteries

We are the only ones who have full permission to export this scopes from Russia. 

Excluded locations: Middle East, Ukraine.

Attention, we are not responsible if the use of night vision sights by civilians is prohibited in some countries. Keep this in mind when ordering.

This scope was developed in the mid 70s. And took part in many operations of the USSR and Russia!
Including Afghanistan, the 1-2 Chechen campaign, many events in Russia, and even now in Syria!

NSPU (1PN34) (Unified Night Scope), is a Soviet night optical sight designed for aimed shooting from:

  • AK family guns (AKMN-1, AKMSN-1, AK74N, AKS74N),
  • RPK family machine guns (RPKN-1, RPKSN-1 , RPK-74N, RPKS74N),
  • PKM family machine guns (PKMN-1, PKMSN-1),
  • SVDN-1 sniper rifles,
  • RPG-7N1 hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher (RPG-7DN1)

 The characteristics of the scope allow one to confidently recognize a person’s growth figure at night up to 400 meters and a tank board up to 600 meters.

The weight of the sight in the firing position - 2.2 kg
Overall dimensions of the sight - 495 ? 191 ? 96 mm
Sight increase, not less than - 3.5 times
Horizontal field of view - 5.0 degrees
Vertical field of view - 4.0 degrees
Pupil exit diameter - 5 mm
Exit pupil removal - 50 mm
Lens focal length - 78 mm
Resolution - 2 ug. min
Sight continuous operation with one battery - 6 hours
Battery voltage 2NKBN-1.5 - 2.5 Volts
The capacity of the battery 2NKBN-1.5 - 1.5 A / hour
Consumed working current - 0.27 A



Price: $1800
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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