2004 NEW SSO "Tropical" backpack (FSB Alpha)

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Price: $600
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Backpack "TROPICAL".
Made by the company "SSO" (SPOSN, UNION SPECIAL EQUIPMENT) in 2004-2006, old tailoring, the original color of the SSO "kukla/DPM", a little mixed with woodland.
Condition - new, not used.

Volume 40 liters, on a metal frame.

You could see such backpacks on fighters of the TsSN FSB Alfa and Vympel group in different hot points.

The backpack is designed to search for enemy sabotage groups in rough terrain with a hot, humid climate.
The backpack consists of a main tank, three external pockets, a belt, a suspension system and a removable frame. The frame is made of stainless steel and inserted into special pockets on the back wall of the main tank. The frame serves to correctly distribute the load during large walking transitions and ventilation of the back, and also allows you to carry a backpack high on your back, which makes it possible to place a large amount of equipment on the belt. To ensure ventilation of the back, the frame is stretched with two straps with buckles (like a bowstring), which provides a gap between the back and the back wall of the backpack. The backpack is in contact with the body, only in the region of the lower back and shoulder blades.
The suspension system of the backpack consists of shoulder straps, adjustable in height with metal buckles with three slots.
To quickly drop the backpack, in case of an unexpected collision with the enemy, the right shoulder strap is equipped with a steel lock, allowing one movement to drop the backpack.
For comfortable carrying a loaded backpack, the straps have thick foam inserts and a lining of soft, thick, large synthetic mesh. The backpack belt is removable, with an inner foam ten millimeters thick and a mesh lining similar to the mesh on the straps. The belt is fastened with a lock made of high strength polymer.
The property is located in the main tank (warm clothes, underwear, part of the food ration, raincoat - tent, burner), as well as in three external pockets and the valve pocket (part of the ammunition kit, hygiene items).
The valve of the main tank is flat, which allows you to place a sleeping bag on it, a heat-insulating mat. The sleeping accessories are attracted by hinges with metal buckles - the valve fastens with these hinges. The valves of the three external pockets are fastened with two metal buttons and volume-adjustable with metal buckles with three slots and cords threaded into the grommets (the cords are regulated by plastic stoppers with spring clips). Volumetric valves to protect the contents from moisture and dust. The main tank is equipped with loops with removable loops for attaching additional removable property. The main volume valve is sheathed with a MOLLE system mount, which allows you to fix a small combat satchel or any other item equipped with this mount. All pockets and the main tank are equipped with eyelets to remove moisture that has got inside.

Price: $600
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