1992 "Mirage" KGB/FSB armor vest (bulletproof jacket) [RESERVE]

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Price: $2300
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Bullet resistant armor jacket "MIRAGE" (Мираж) produced by research institute "STEEL AND ALLOYS OF THE USSR" in 1992.

Used by the Alpha KGB detachment in 1993 during the "Constitutional Crisis" (Assault on the White House).
The composition of the kit - in the photo
Weight 13 kilograms
The vest has 52 steel armor plates. Each plate separately placed in a pocket and all together create a protective shell.
Removable Velcro holster (for TT, PM, Nagant pistols).
All zippers are working.
The condition is "LIKE New", but the foam rubber in the damper has deteriorated from time to time and lost its qualities (a possible option for you is to replace the foam rubber, there is free access to it in the case, or leave everything as it is).

3 class of protection. One size, can be ajusted from 52 to 56.

Protects against submachine guns and pistols. (9x19)

Even now you can use it for its intended purpose!

But still it is a rarity!
A rare item for collecting from the USSR!

It is already a very large rarity - you could see such jackets in particular on the soldiers of the special unit of the KGB of the USSR "A" and "V" - when releasing the "White House" in September-October 1993! 

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Price: $2300
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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