198X TIG PSH-77 titanium bulletproof helmet with 2 visors

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Price: $7700
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Armor titanium helmet TIG (modified by the KGB of the USSR for Alpha).

The TIG PSH-77 was made around 1979-1983.
The set includes two visors - narrow-vision and wide-vision.
Excellent condition, yellow TIG bulletproof glass.
The narrow-visor visor lacks a layer of triplex glass, it is not visually noticeable, and the narrow-visor visor in the middle position does not hold well on the helmet due to the wider distance from the fixation point.

Briefly from the history of this helmet: these armored helmets were produced in Germany / Switzerland, some of them were secretly purchased through the socialist countries. camps of the USSR (such as Yugoslavia) and were transported to the USSR for the needs of the KGB of the USSR.
In the USSR, they were modified, a soviet radio headset was installed. Then these helmets were handed over to the Alpha squad.

Such helmets were worn by the USSR KGB during the assault on the "Amin's palace" in Afghanistan (Operation "Storm 333").
After studying these helmets in the USSR, the production of similar titanium helmets began (such as the Altyn helmet and 6b6-2, 6b6-3 and others).

These helmet were used in the KGB of the USSR / FSB of Russia until about 2010. You could see them on the special forces soldiers Alfa and Vympel in all "hot spots" of Russia.
Currently decommissioned.
Unrealistically rare helmet. Everything has been in collections for a long time. Hurry up to buy, most likely they will not appear on the market this or next year.
Price of this helmets grows very fast.

This helmet is ready to battle, titanium don't lose its properties, not damaged.  

Megarare helmet, you can't find such helmets in future anywhere except private collections.


Price: $7700
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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