SSO assault black overalls uniform used in FSB Alpha/Vympel ~2006 sz 46-3,52-3,50-4

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Price: $450
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Tactical black suit used in Alpha/Vympel counter-terrorist team of russian FSB. 
Made by SSO (SPOSN) in 2006-2008.
Made from rip-stop fabric. Was used from 2006 till current time in anti-terrorist operation in Norh Caucasus Region and other operations.
State government order, was not sold in civil stores. Actually this suits was used by CSN of FSB servicemen.
You can recognize it at documentary footage. Look at rip-stop black overalls with 2 zipper from top to bottom and sleeves with zipper without patches and pockets.
Also take a look at square pockets on legs.

Designed for CQB, special operations in urban environments, in a limited space, when landing through the roof and windows.
Loose fit, no protruding parts (which can catch on anything when moving). Can be worn over a uniform.
Many pockets with hidden zippers, slots for access to the pockets of the uniform, located under the overalls. Elastic cuffs, there is a zipper for quick putting on.

Size in stock: 

170-92-74  (46-3) 
170-104-84 (52-3)
176-100 (50-4)


Suit streched to +2 size. May have little signs of repair of fabric.

Was used by FSB Alpha and Vympel special forces during anti-terrorist operation and trainings.

Was manufactured under government contract special and on terms of reference of FSB Special Service and was used in Special Puprose Center of FSB (Alpha and Vympel teams). 

This type was not offered in civil stores.

Now you have chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this team.




Price: $450
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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