MEGARARE 1940 PU scope for Mosin sniper rifle (early "SVT" tube, Kharkov plant, without afterwar marks)

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Price: $1200
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Take attention, rare offer:

Original "PU" scope for Mosin sniper rifle, made in 1940 at Kharkov plant. One of FIRST PU scopes designed and manufactured.
Early "SVT type" tube. Without afterwar repair marks.

In fully working condition. Clear lenses. Untouched since production in 1940 year. 

PU scopes was designed in Kharkov #3 NKVD plant (FED) and was manufactured from november of 1940 year at only two plants (#3 Kharkov and #357 Leningrad).
After beginning war and nazi seizing of Kharkov city,  plant was evacuated to 266 Berdsk plant.
Scopes made in Kharkov plant are very rare because they are first made scopes this plant was worked less than one year.
The was only 1% of all scopes manufactured in Kharkov. Kharkov scopes are most rare PU scopes of all.
This is only first reason of rarity of this scope. But there is a second.

There are NO afterwar repair marks on this scope.

Repair marks on scope means that it was tested and maintained at plant after war (in ~1960 years).
There are additional characters, signs and dates applied at scope tube. They are usually means:
"РОМ" means mechanics maintenance, “triangle with a number inside 25” - repair at 25 arsenal, “Л” - lens repair, “М” - replacement of mechanics, “square crossed out inside” - complete disassembly of the case and repair, an additional digital designation of the year (after wartime - for example, "1968") next to the year of manufacture or with the main hallmark of the plant - means the year of the last repair. and so on.

There are no any repair mark on this scope, so, it means that this is original early PU scope without any touching since production!

There is an original native 1940 tube, original non-illuminated 1940 lenses! original 1940 mechanics 1940!
And scope is fully operational!

1. First ever made PU scope, in 1940
2. Made in Kharkov plant (where PU scopes was originally designed)
3. Kharkov scopes are rarest because plant was evacuated after beginning of war
4. Only 1% of PU scopes was made in Kharkov plant
5. No afterwar repair marks - means that scope is in native 1940 condition
6. Fully operation mechanics
7. Clear lenses

We never see such scope and there is only one such scope in stock. Maybe only one on world market. So, take your chance to take it.

1. "PU" scope 
2. Bracket 
3. Leather caps
4. Original base with pins and screws


Price: $1200
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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