Original vintage 1965 USSR Dva Myacha (Two ball) S131 sneakers sz43 used in Afghanistan by KGB special forces [SOLD]

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Price: $250
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Legendary "Dva myacha" / "Two ball" USSR sneakers, model S131 of 1965 year, 100% original. Was produced in China.

Such sneakers was very popular and used by KGB special forces in Afghanistan during 1979 Storm-333 Amin palace attack.
This sneakers are from surplus special forces warehouse, so, they actually used by KGB servicemen.

Made in end of 1970. Good condition, without holes and damage. 

Size 43 (insole ~280-285). Only one in stock.

Sneakers in the USSR

The history of sneakers in the Soviet Union began in 1957, while the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students was held in the Soviets, at which juniors from all ideologically free continents gathered. At that time, boys from exemplary Soviet families continued to wear lacquer shoes or sandals, and the progressive and broad-minded youth of the West addressed the new-fashioned sneakers.
Thus, the social request for sneakers, like the shoes of the free world, was finally formed. Soon sneakers appeared in the USSR. The product began to be sold in cyclopean volumes. GOST on Soviet sneakers appeared shortly after the festival: it was assigned to number 9155 and designated “Rubber footwear and rubber-textile”
Despite the fairly generalized image in popular culture, in the photo and video chronicles, the sneakers in the USSR were different. Among them, the ultimate dream was a model of Soviet-Chinese production, under the name "TWO BALL". They were not an example of better-quality domestic ones, it was more difficult to get them, and the colors and design differed favorably from common Soviet models. The fact that they were "import" (and the word it then meant much more than now), features of appearance, and most importantly - quality - all this made them a subject of worship. Blue sneakers with the strongest green sole immediately proved to be reliable and versatile, and the fact that they did not have any one purpose was not created for a particular sport underlined with a two-ball emblem - football and basketball. Some even read in the symbol a kind ideological message about the two hemispheres, multipolarity, and in other words: peace in the whole world!

Price: $250
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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