1996 Titanium helmet STSH-81 +3 covers +bag

Price $430 (shipping included)


Price: $430
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Original special forces bulletproof titanium helmet STSH-81 Sfera (СТШ-81 Сфера) made in 1996

The helmet was practically not used.
There is a slight rubbing on the case (indicated by a yellow arrow). Formed by improper transportation. 


1. Helmet in green base
2. Bag
3. Cover green flora
4. Cover green-gray flora
5. Cover white

Used by MVD VV MIA at middle 1990x at 1-st and 2-nd Chechen wars.

Titanium helmet "Sphere" STSH -81 was developed in 1981 by the Institute of Scientific Research Special equipment on request of the MIA USSR.

The helmet was made to equip the various structures of the MIA(MVD).

The helmet protects the head of the second class ( TT pistols , PM , PSM ) , GOST R 50744-95 . The helmet consists of three elements titanium armor thickness of 3 mm, they are inserted into the pockets of the fabric cover. The helmet protects the frontal , parietal, temporal and occipital region of the head . Helmet design provides for adjustment of fabric base to fit the head size from 56 to 60 cm of the helmet was accommodate dampers of foam to extinguish the dynamic effects on the soldier's head in contact with bullets and shrapnel . Helmet strap is fixed on the head with a cup under the chin. On today's time helmet out of production, but MIA is still equipping its structures. Weight 2.3 kg.

This helmet is ready to fight, don't lose its properties, not damaged. Do not miss to buy a collection of 100 % original ! DELIVERY anywhere in the world!

Price: $430
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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